Guatemala bound

Excitement does not even begin to accurately cover the feelings I have to begin 2017 in a country that stole a piece of my heart four years ago. I always dreamed of going back, but never really thought it would happen. I wished but did not think much past that. It is real! My suitcase is, well, kinda of packed. That does not accurately display the actual excitement I feel, it only shows how much I despise packing. My heart is ready.

This entire trip was a God send from the beginning, His presence shines through the process and there is no denying it. I can’t and I won’t. I wanted to go back a few years ago, but doors were shut. It was not supposed to be. This time, Guatemala was literally dropped in my lap from a simple breakfast conversation. A school to explore and be a part of, a place to stay, and people I trust. God is good.

I still needed one more English credit to graduate and I only had space during interim. I went to my advisor and told him about the opportunity I had. He was excited for me and wanted to give the chance to go. My trip was approved and covered my credit. Thank you Calvin College. God is good.

I mentioned the trip to my best friend. She loves traveling and threw out there that she wanted to go, and now it is actually happening. I get to travel and experience my favorite country with my best friend. An opportunity came for her to use her nursing skills there. She gets to do what she loves. God is good.

My heart anticipates the time to come, trying oh so hard not to create expectations in my head which tends to happen without trying. There is a beauty about this country that I love. Nothing but smiles come to my face when thinking about it and I am excited to go back to see what these few weeks bring.

I pray for an open heart, ears, and mind in the time to come. I pray for protection over Cynth and me as we travel. I pray we learn more about Jesus and His Kingdom than we ever thought or could have imagined.


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